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Waste management :: Pay as you throw solutions


For almost 25 years, MOBA systems and components have been helping to identify, weigh, and assign waste quantities, as well as bill according to the "Pay As You Throw" principle, which is based on the amount of produced waste. Both for the disposal of household waste and commercial waste, MOBA identification and weighing systems contribute to transparent and fair disposal, and billing.

Based in Limburg, Dresden and Langenlonsheim, MOBA has a numerous and powerful team of highly qualified software developers, database administrators and service engineers. This is documented by the certified partnership with Microsoft that has existed since 2001. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we provide our customers with first-class products and perfect service.

MOBA is your partner and support you from the planning to the system implementation as well as during operation. Our long-lasting experience in the market (since 1992) and with more than 500 completed project, MOBA has the experience and know-how to plan, introduce and support systems professionally and practice-oriented.

Microsoft certified partner
Microsoft certified partner

Our Services for you


The professional preparation of planning or of calls for tenders, prepares the ground for a successful system implementation and achievement of goals. Since this is a unique project for you, but daily business for us, we offer advice for the creation and design of reasonable, consistent and practical solutions. We help you to distinguish the important, from the irrelevant. Instead of confusing you with technical jargon, we offer you understandable and practical experience. And if we ourselves have noe answer to your question, contacts with our customers will help us to find the right anwer for you.


To make your system implementation a success, a project manager and IT project manager will be assigned to you project to answer questions during the implementation phase. Our project management team references other completed projects, helping you and any future partners to successfully meet your project goal, both professionally and in a timely fashion.

MOBA Teaching MAWIS Solutions


For logistics systems to gain acceptance, it is important that colleagues can familiarize themselves quickly with the new technology. For this purpose, our experienced trainers use the most advanced training tools to train your personnel.


As a system's provider, we perform the maintenance and any necessary repairs to the supplied equipment. We assume responsibility for proper functioning. If you have any software-related questions, our experts will answer them competently and efficiently. Aside from their technical qualification, our service engineers excell through motivated urgency in servicing you as our customer. 

MOBA has a wide service network to ensure that you will find one of our technical offices in your vicinity for assistance.

Types of Garbage Trucks

As an experienced and adept partner, MOBA offers a premium service for disposal companies and municipalities. Thanks to the complete development manufacture and assembly from one single source, individual wishes can be realized within a very short period of time and are always optimally cared for thanks to a close collaboration. Due to the EC type approval, MOBA not only carries out the initial calibration of the scale but also organizes all further calibrations of the classes III and IV in order to ensure an all-time accurate and maintenance-free scale.

1 / 6Truck Body ScaleBody Scale

Integrated into the vehicle, the truck body scale of MOBA controls the time-saving weight determination of the charge without using a stationary floor scale. Loading and uploading are directly recorded for documentation purposes: For more efficiency and transparency.

2 / 6Rear lift scaleRear Lift Scale

The automatic mode of the dynamic lifter scale for rear loaders facillitates and accelerates the waste collection, since the weighing procedure of the waste bin container takes place during its emptying. Additional time savings are also achieved by the abillity of a split comb bar to weigh two containers simultaneously during emptying. That means extraordinary precise weighing results as well as more flexibillity during waste collection.

3 / 6Front lift scaleFront Lift Scale

The robust and compact construction of the weighing system for front loaders makes it flexible for any application and always guarantees highest precision. Thanks to its full integration into the mechanics, the lifter scale measures the exact weight of the waste container before emptying it. The verification mark with all relevant information on the weighing of a waste container can even be printed on-site with the on-board printer and provides a legally reliable basis for billing thanks to the regular calibration of the scale.

4 / 6Side lift scaleSide Lift Scale

The automatic mode of the dynamic lifter scale for rear loaders facillitates and accelerates the waste collection, since the weighing procedure of the waste bin container takes place during its emptying. Additional time savings are also achieved by the abillity of a split comb bar to weigh two containers simultaneously during emptying. That means extraordinary precise weighing results as well as more flexibillity during waste collection.

5 / 6Crane Hook ScaleCrane Hook Scale

The weighing system for trucks with a crane hook scale is optimally equipped for harsh environments due to its extremely robust construction. The system is cutomizable and easily upgradeable for each request thanks to its open CANbus interface. The wireless communication between load cell and on-board computer via Bluetooth provides the optimunm agility. Cable damage thus in history.

6 / 6Wheel Loader ScaleWheel Loader Scale

With the MOBA wheel loader weighing systems HLC-1000 and HLC-2000, every weighing task is accomplished in the shortest possible period of time. With the MOBA wheel loader scale you can easily prevent overloading of trucks or freight wagons. The hang-on system can be used independently of manufacturer, and is therefore compatible with all wheel loaders. The sophisticated technology with inclination sensors for the optimal weighing position is the most reliable method of dynamic weighing on the market.

Get always well equipped with MOBA System & Software Solutions

Wether through innovative advancements in the Hardware or process-optimizing software upgrades, MOBA´s technologies are constantly changing in order to lay the foundation for future-oriented concepts, such as Smart City. With the CANopen bus solution as communications interface individual components cannot only be straightforwardly exchanged but the entire system can be converted and upgraded in a short period of time. This modular design makes the MOBA system applications compatible with any truck and a great varity of applications.

Precise Load control solutions


Since 40 years, MOBA offers PTB certified and e1 calibrated mobile scales that record the exact weight during bin emptying. Keeping the weight on the truck under its legal capacity also helps to minimise maintenance costs. MOBA dynamic lift scales like front lift scale or rear lift scale have helped customers like you improve their waste business.


Telematics / Fleet Management

Using the appropriate software, you can manage locations, bins and emptyings. Web-based solutions are also possible; using telematics, online order processing, vehicle tracking, navigation and visualization of vehicle and order data can be realized on a digital map. The MOBA Fleet Management solution is constantly changing in order to lay the foundation for future-oriented concepts, such as the Smart City.

RFID Access and filling level control

Garbage Gates

To protect the fee justice in residential complexes, refuse gates are equipped wird RFID readers, the GWA-system, which require a user identification prior to the insertion of waste. Avoiding foreign use together with the clear documentation of waste origin allow a fair and user-based billing modal of waste disposal.


Proven MAWIS EM software application

Benefiting from its modular design structure, “MAWIS EM“ can be developed from bin management, tour planning, service changes and the production of invoice bills, to full financial accounting. The program can be tailored to meet the individual customer’s requirements.

RFID Kits for fast data recording


With the MOBA identification systems, municipalities and commercial waste management contractors can structure waste disposal transparently, and fairly. The MAWIS identification system has been in continuous use with customers since 1992 and has operated in a reliable and trouble-free manner. Get improved services thanks to prompt provision of information on inquiries and complaints by citizens.


Cloud based Software MAWIS U2

MAWIS U2 is the MOBA software for efficient management of urban services. It is a software platform that integrates the necessary tools for the collection, transmission and processing of data, and that allows to optimize the business processes in the area of urban services of waste collection, street cleaning, maintenance of urban equipment, parks and gardens.

Filling level control for container

Filling Level Control Sensor

The FLS wireless level sensor is designed to record and monitor the filling level of waste containers. The sensor is installed on the lid of a container – no matter whether it is an underground, semi-underground or standard container. It uses ultrasound to record the filling level in the container. The sensor is easy to install, works reliably, autonomously and with no need for maintenance. It is installed with the help of a mobile phone app.


Easy-to-use web application MAWIS WEB

MAWIS Web is an easy-to-use web application for container management and vehicle tracking via any computer with a browser and internet connection. Flexible access is therefore fully available, the order data can be called up and reviewed at any time. Additionally, vehicle position and the current route are displayed online on a digital map.

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