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Waste management software Cloud based MAWIS U2.0


MAWIS U2.0 is a software platform that integrates the necessary tools for the collection, transmission and processing of data. That allows to optimize the business processes in the area of urban services of waste collection, street cleaning, maintenance of urban equipment, parks and gardens.

System benefits

  • Easy-to-use web application
  • Web Services API that enables integration with customer applications, databases and Smart City platforms
  • Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) provides a missioncritical Data Process Center (DPC)
  • Send/receive of orders with handhelds and onboard computers

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online waste management software MAWIS WEB


MAWIS Web is an easy-to-use web application for container management and vehicle tracking via any computer with a browser and internet connection.

Software benefits

  • Easy-to-use web application
  • Always accessible via normal internet browser
  • Online vehicle localization on a digital map

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State of the art waste management software MAWIS EM


The proven MAWIS EM waste management software program efficiently manages all orders, locations and bin information. Benefiting from its modular design structure, MAWIS EM can be developed from bin management, tour planning, service changes and the production of invoice bills, to full financial accounting.

System benefits

  • Hardware and software implementation from MOBA
  • Application-Programming-Interface (API) for easy integration to third-party systems
  • A detailed online help function offers 24/7 support.
  • MOBA Training courses for MOBA and Microsoft software solutions

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