A heart for children - MOBA donates to children with heart problems

Very few people know that every 100th child is born with a heart defect. Often surgical operations and treatments are already necessary in the newborn and infant age, which burden the whole family. MOBA Mobile Automation AG would like to give small heart patients a carefree life this year and is supporting the non-profit organization kinderherzen from Bonn with a total donation of €1,500.

The team of 13 members in Bonn helps children with heart diseases all over the world - whether with the professional equipment of children's heart centers, with vital interventions abroad or with funding promising research projects. A scientific advisory board made up of experts in pediatric cardiology and heart surgery is always at their side, pursuing the same goal: to sustainably improve the treatment methods of small heart patients.

If you browse through the moving heart stories of the association, you will quickly notice the positive results that early treatment of congenital heart defects offers. Not only children in Germany, but also children all over the world can grow up untroubled and painless thanks to the right treatment. On behalf of all employees, MOBA wishes all heart children a Merry Christmas and kinderherzen a continued success in their vital work!

A small hint on the side for last-minute Christmas shopping on Amazon: if you buy via, 0.5% of your purchase amount will automatically be donated to kinderherzen - at no extra cost for you!

Learn more about kinderherzen here::

Donation to Fördergemeinschaft deutscher Kinderherzzentren e.V.
Fördergemeinschaft deutscher Kinderherzzentren e.V. on MOBA Christmas Party

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