How Landscape Excavators Can Do More with Less

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Grading and earthmoving for big and small landscaping projects? You won't want to miss this.

It’s no secret that small businesses and individual contractors in the excavator landscape grading industry face significant challenges in controlling costs and maintaining profitability. For many, the costs of added labor for staking adds up and can be unreliable, or the operator must leave the machine frequently to evaluate the project and even correct over or undercuts with eyeball measurements. This can all be avoided with the proper machine control and guidance system. Now, operators can do more with less.

Reduce Labor Costs

One of the significant benefits operators can get is eliminating the need to add personnel around the machine for staking and measuring. And with fewer people and reducing the need to leave the machine, the job site becomes more productive and safer.

Continuous Operation

The more an operator can do from within the cab, the faster the job gets finished and done right the first time. Even with operator changes, a proper system allows the project status to be kept within the cab and eliminates downtime with paper plans and redundant operations. Operators can keep the project flow moving with minimal interruptions, which means more work in less time. And Time is money.

Small Businesses can do Big Jobs

By investing in the right technology, small businesses and individual operators and contractors can take on more complex projects and completes existing job faster. Doing more with less has never been easier to help grow your business and deliver the best results for your customers.

But this is just the beginning of what machine guidance and control technology can do for your business. Our team of experts is here to help with your simple to complex 2D or 3D projects with an Xsite system from MOBA. Contact our team today and see how your machine can do more work for you.

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