Student group is awarded for final project at MOBA

Four graduates of the Technikakademie Weilburg have won the Friedrich Dessauer Prize for their outstanding final project in the field of mechatronics. The young technicians Lukas Döring, Jonas Mallm, Dennis Schneider and Phillip Albath have planned, designed and implemented a test stand for the ultrasound sensor Sonic-Ski at MOBA Mobilen Automation AG. The prototype will now be equipped with a suitable software and on the long run be integrated into the series production.

Every year, the technical-scientific association VDE Rhein-Main honors the district's best projects and was convinced of the complexity and technical demands of the test stand this year. The ambitious project consisted not only of the conception, development and implementation of the test stand, but also of the related project management. For professional support, the MOBA provided the graduates with an experienced team that was always on hand for technical and mechanical questions. In combination with a lot of commitment and talent, an absolutely satisfying product was realized in just four months.

The former students are particularly proud to have completed the project in such a short time from scratch and successfully mastered challenges such as the linear technology. MOBA is also proud of the team that has invested its lifeblood and more than 1000 working hours in the complex, automated test stand. Thus, a longtime wish was fulfilled to accelerate the inspection process of the ultrasonic sensor, to make it safer and to have a repeatable proof of quality inspection.

Three of the four graduates with top grades join the MOBA team in manufacturing, development and product management in the summer. We look forward to the uncomplicated cooperation and wish all four state-certified technicians a successful career start.

Friedrich-Dessauer Award by VDE 2018
Studentengruppe mit MOBA Betreuern
Sonic-Ski Teststand

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