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MOBA Mobile Automation has set itself the goal of continuously improving the quality of road construction. Today, precision systems such as the MOBA-matic for automatic levelling at the paver are an integral part of modern construction sites. In addition to MOBA's proven, market-leading systems, the technology company will be presenting its new developments at bauma 2019 in Hall A2, Stand No. 237.

The Sonic-Ski sensor revolution has established the non-contact, wear-free and particularly durable scanning method on the market. The ultrasonic sensor, which is known throughout the world and is constantly being further developed, has been proving its worth in international road construction for over 25 years. As an extension with 4 sensors to the Big Sonic-Ski it convinces with an absolutely even result over long and tricky distances.

The Innovative Power of new Technologies

The PAVE-TM and PAVE-IR systems, which have won several innovation awards, take asphalt paving to the next level. The PAVE-TM layer thickness measuring system is one of the three finalists of the bauma Innovation Award 2019. Contractors can look forward to a new sensor technology specializing in layer thickness which, combined with continuous display of layer thickness, screed width and path, makes the job site measurably more profitable.

Whether temperature recording and evaluation of the paved material or layer thickness measurement on the paver, both technologies play a decisive role in process optimization in road construction. Clients, contractors, end users and the environment all benefit equally from the efficient use of resources and particularly durable roads.

Setting New Standards in Road Construction With 3D

Presented for the first time as a world premiere at bauma 2019, the MOBA 3D Paving System is a particularly quality-oriented technology for road construction. Thanks to 3D design files, complex surfaces with rapidly changing inclinations are easy to implement. Particularly precise work on given models - even closer to the thinnest layer thickness - provides the foreman with the necessary process reliability to concentrate on other tasks for road quality assurance. The entire team thus benefits from considerable material and time savings. Visitors to bauma 2019 can see what the system looks like on the paver at the MOBA outdoor booth between hall A2 and A3.

Compaction in Teamwork - When a Roller Fleet Consists of Different Machine Types

Optimum compaction of the asphalt pavement is a key quality factor in road construction. The MCA-3000 roller assistance system proves its strengths in a universal use on all machines from all manufacturers.

The system is convincing in its seamless documentation of compaction work, which is available to all fleet operators across all machines - in real time. This means that the entire team can immediately see the progress of the work and the rolling strategy can be adapted accordingly.

The decisive advantage of this fleet management system is therefore not only seamless cooperation, but also direct data transfer to the MOBA cloud server. There, the compaction data is available for further analyses, reports and findings on the optimization potential of the paving operation, even after the paving process has been completed.

The Connected Construction Site - With Foresight Into the Future

Thanks to the highly scalable MOBA Cloud, the connectivity of the construction site will become standard in the future. With the real-time acquisition and transmission of measured values to the high-performance servers of the technology company, all data is ready for further analysis. This gives the foreman access to the information on each individual project at any time and from anywhere. In addition to significant time savings, the construction site also benefits from comprehensive knowledge of the optimization potential.


With more than 45 years of experience in the mobile automation of construction machinery, the future-oriented technologies of MOBA Mobile Automation have become an integral part of the industry. Whether for pavers or rollers, their control and regulation technology combined with state-of-the-art software solutions are developed market-oriented and thus the perfect upgrade for every road construction site.

MOBA 3D Paving
Fertiger ausgerüstet mit PAVE-TM, PAVE-IR, Big Sonic-Ski, MOBA-matic
MCA-3000 Fleet Management System für Walzen

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