Excavators - these machines are used for versatile tasks in demolition and construction. But while in demolition, there is no need for machine guidance, those systems offer great advantages when used on construdtion sites.

For example for realizing construction pits or profiles, excavator systems offer great advantages - no matter if it is a 2D system like MOBA Xsite EASY or a 3D system like MOBA Xsite PRO (ADVANCED). MOBA also shows these systems at Intermat. "We were just selling a 3D system at our booth. And we see a huge market in France, because more and more contractors see the advantages of these systems, like saving time and money, improving quality and precision", says Teemu Tervahauta, MOBA Xsite expert.  

The 2D system Xsite EASY is an entry-level system that provides all the 2D functionalities for smaller projects. With the 2D/3D system Xsite PRO comprehensive 2D functionalities are available. A special feature is the option of upgrading to 3D at any time. Only the GNSS extension must be added to be able to work in 3D. By doing so, you can create simple 3D profiles directly on site. Measuring and checking work is largely eliminated thanks to the system's GNSS positioning functionality. The high-end system Xsite PRO ADVANCED offers even more 3D functionalities: for example, 3D models can be read and used in all widely-available formats and without the need for tedi-ous conversion processes. All data is saved for later documentation and its cable-free data exchange capacity allows fast transfer of information from office to construction site and vice versa. Using Xsite systems the machine operator can work with great precision even at construction sites with bad visibility and for underwater work. 

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Teemu Tervahauta MOBA