"On today's contruction sites, nothing runs without 3D" - that is what Jörg Schittenhelm's (3D Product Manager) experience says and that is also what shows Intermat at day 2.

Of course, MOBA is also up to date and presents it's sophisticated MOBA 3D-matic system for grader and dozer - in the inside booth as well as on a dozer in the outside area. This is a precise and flexible 3D levelling system that increases the efficiency of machine utilization and helps execute projects quickly and with precision. The 3D planning data are made available to the system via a data carrier and the machine's position  is ascertained with the GNSS sensor or, alternatively, total station. MOBA 3D-matic scores with simple and straightforward menu navigation and a clearly arranged 7-inch touch-screen display. The modular structure of the MOBA systems makes it easy to upgrade all MOBA 2D levelling systems to the 3D system.

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Jörg Schittenhelm MOBA
MOBA Stand Intermat
MOBA outdoor stand Intermat