Compaction in asphalt and earthworks is a topic, that -of course- also plays a role at Intermat and in France.

"Our new small system, the MCA-500, is especially interesting for earthworking activities. A lot of people I talked to, just want to know and see, what they are exactly doing while compacting the soil. That is why we already had big companies, but also smaller companies on our booth", explains Bernhard Marx, Product Manager Compaction

The MOBA MCA-500 is a simple, economical solution for this. The compaction progress is shown in real-time on the display, so that the driver can see all important information like the ICV (Intelligent Compaction Value, the vibration frequency, the amplitude and jump. If used for asphalt compaction, also the temperature is shown. 

If you want to document the compaction data, MOBA offers the MCA-2000 system. This comfortable system allows to store the data and send it via USB or server to the office. With the MOBA systems for compaction, the result is improved, since over- and under-compaction are avoided. Efficiency during machine use increases and operating costs and project time are reduced.

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Bernhard Marx MOBA