Siberia – Demanding conditions for people and machines. In particular on building sites. This means that the machines and equipment must be extremely robust and resilient and be able to work under even the most challenging conditions.

Because the climatic conditions in Siberia dictate that the road construction season is very short, which makes it even more important to optimise the construction process, since time is money. The robust MOBA equipment is perfectly suited to this due to their special sealing method and rugged housings that don’t just protect them from heat and the cold, but also from dust and damage due to vibrations and allow them to work on a high-precision and highly reliable basis.

This is the reason why the Sibna construction company decided to use one of our Big Sonic-Ski systems with four sensors for levelling in their project for resurfacing and modernising a trunk road from Taishet to Irkutsk. The project includes the construction of bypasses such as the one around the city of Shiberta, for example. The construction of bypasses of this type and resurfacing and extending of the existing road from two lanes to four will, on the one hand, lead to the route being levelled and on the other to safety being increased. This will reduce journey times significantly, which is a major benefit for heavy goods traffic, in particular since driving comfort will also be enhanced. The project must be finished by the end of the summer. The construction manager, Alexander Shilov, said “the project is important to the whole country. We are running on a tight deadline and the requirements are very challenging. This makes it very important for us to work efficiently and precisely so that we can avoid any delays and meet our plan”. It is possible to achieve these aims using the MOBA-matic levelling system and the Big Sonic-Ski ultrasound system. This is because this equipment makes it possible to put down the asphalt layer with the desired thickness and planarity without the need for correction work and without having to mark out the stretch first. The four sensors also detect and level out the road waves that frequently occur during resurfacing at distances of between four and seven metres.

The Korrus MOBA dealer installed the Big Sonic-Ski on the Dynapac paver in a very short time so that Sibna was able to start work immediately. Alexander Shilov is very satisfied with the performance of the Big Sonic-Ski with four sensors. “The main benefits are its very high levels of precision and the convenient operation of the screed control”. This is carried out using the MOBA-matic II control panel. Using only four buttons, it is possible to control the main functions and the operator has a view of all the sensor values on the display at all times. The MOBA-matic II is also highly suitable for use in the dark, since its background lighting and LEDs make operation at night very easy too.

In addition to resurfacing of the M53/R255, the overall project includes the renewal of the M55/R258 and is planned for completion by 2020: Both of the stretches together are about 3,000 kilometres long and are part of the Russian transcontinental road link and with this of the Asian long-distance road network.

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