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MOBA Manufacturing

Highest quality, latest technologies

As an expert in mobile automation, MOBA offers state-of-the-art technologies in our highly specialized manufacturing facilities.

In addition to having the highest quality in-house production capabilities, we pride ourselves in the quality of "each" item we manufacture.

We leave nothing to chance, standing behind the quality and care of our products!

SMD assembly line

MOBA’s Production department works with only cutting-edge technologies and production methods. Our state-of-the-art SMD assembly line for electronic circuit boards, allows flexible equipment for circuit boards to be checked and changed frequently, permitting capabilities for production of relatively small series.

Foil development and electronical production

With each step in manufacturing, MOBA optimizes specialist’s knowledge and diligence. When working to develop and produce films, the product can be adapted either to fit a MOBA design requirement or that tailored individually, to the customer's needs.

Our strategy of bundling all steps in the manufacturing process allows to control our production with great flexibility. We can produce small or large-scale runs – and can thus manufacture both our own tried and tested standard components as well as producing small or large quantities of products customised individually for our customers.

Casting technology

MOBA provides Casting technology, specially developed and designed for the deployment of mobile machines. Protecting them in the harshest and most challenging of environmental conditions.

Mechanical manufacturing

MOBA’s mechanical manufacturing, contributes to even a deeper level of in-house production. Our Turning and Milling department, works with pieces produced at a high-precision level – ranging from single components to small series.

With production at the optimum quality possible, we comply with the Four-eyes principle, requiring all components to be double-checked by a second person for precision and quality control.

Test bay

MOBA’s products are thoroughly tested before shipment from our manufacturing facilities. Both hardware and software components, are subject to a wide range of quality tests. This approach applies to every phase of product development, and production.

Our Quality Control Planning department ensures that our intelligent test strategy, is continually developed, using the most up-to-date equipment. MOBA complies with industry standards regarding error prevention and goal orientation, through the use of quality KPIs.

MOBA Innovation Center

Get in contact with our technical experts

MOBA innovation center

Get in contact with our technical experts, discuss technical items and get useful information.

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MOBA Product Platform

Premium products for modular applications

MOBA Product platform

The MOBA product platform delivers components of premium quality for various applications. A wide range of controllers, sensors and HMIs are equipped with standard or customized housing, all meeting different requirements. With their open and modular structure, all products can easily be integrated into existing systems.

The MOBA product platform sets standards for components in the Mobile Automation industry, offering components to system integrators, engineering offices and original equipment manufacturers. The platform Internet site offers customers from any industry, the option to choose components best suitable for their needs.

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