Next-Gen Wheel Loader Operations with the HLC-4000 Scale System

HLC-4000: Introducing the next generation of wheel loader scales from MOBA

Precision and efficiency are crucial for modern hauling operations. The HLC-4000, a cutting-edge scale system for wheel loaders, sets a new standard for accurate loading and reporting. Let’s explore how the HLC-4000 system transforms wheel loader operations for hauling, mining, aggregates, and construction operators.

Load and Report the Correct Weight Every Time

In today's data-driven world, accurate weight measurement and real-time data is vital for efficient operations. The HLC-4000 system features an easy-to-read color touchscreen display with impressive capabilities like:

  • 8 Data Lists (1000 Entries per List)
  • Cloud Data Solution
  • Job Templates
  • On-Screen Diagnostics
  • Remote Diagnostics and support 

These features enable real-time data entry and enhance the system's versatility across various applications.

Key Benefits of the HLC-4000 

The HLC-4000 system offers a range of benefits that elevate wheel loader operations:

1. Correct Loads: Ensures the correct amount of material is loaded every time while keeping track of what's being hauled. 

2. Eliminate Overloading Liability: Prevents overloading of trucks and trailers, reducing liability and potential fines. 

3. Reduce Material Loss: Minimizes material loss by ensuring accurate weighing, saving money and resources. 

4. Improve Cost Efficiency: Maximizes the capacity of each bucket and truck, enhancing overall efficiency. 

5. Reduce Fuel Consumption: Optimizes each load to save fuel, maximizing the wheel loader's full potential. 

6. Maximize Safety: Keeps weight within legal limits, reducing the risk of accidents caused by overloaded trucks.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Operations 

The HLC-4000 system offers several innovative features that enhance wheel loader operations:

  • Tip-Off & Target Mode
  • Truck & Multi-Trailer Loading
  • Up to 5 Attachments
  • Print Tickets
  • Remote Diagnostics & Support 

These features streamline operations and enhance productivity, making the system valuable to any fleet.

The HLC-4000 scale system is designed to reduce operating expenses and improve fleet efficiency. By providing precise weight measurements, the system saves time, money, and material while maximizing the capacity of the wheel loader and the trucks it serves. The system also supports safety standards, reducing liability exposure and optimizing turnaround times. Contact our team today to learn more and get started.

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