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LASERGRADER by MOBALong range dual grade laser with unrivalled precision and robustness

Lasergrader LS.230E

Long range dual grade lasers with optional radio remote

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High-precision levelling is very important for modern construction sites. An even, smooth surface is crucial for the quality of the overall project. For this reason, construction sites and their processes are getting more and more complex. The requirements on the worksite management are increasing and the tasks for machine operators are growing. In addition, construction projects, such as excavating a trench or complete earthworks and civil engineering projects must be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.



The operator can only visually estimate the excavation depth. Additional control measurements are required after each step leading to increased re-work.


Additional re-work results in more operating hours for your machine which in turn increases machine wear and requires earlier replacement.


Inefficient, uncontrolled levelling requires more passes, increases working hours and fuel consumption.





The Lasergrader is a premier dual grade laser with exceptional and user-proven performance. Designed and built in Australia, the Lasergrader comes inbuilt with over 35 years of experience in local earthmoving industry.

The optional full function remote control allows you to control the laser unit via a radio remote. The remote may be used to display or change grade from a distance of up to 700 metres.

  • Input the grade directly using the switch pad or in increments using the arrow keys.
  • Battery can be charged while laser is in use, from 240 V AC or 12-24 V DC power source.
  • Two grade display modes - display the grade either as a percentage or a ratio.
  • Automatic warnings for service required, low battery, self-levelling limit and level.
  • Elevation alert to notify the operator if the laser is accidentally moved.

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Looking for a proven, reliable and robust dual grade laser? A laser you can count on to increase efficiency? A laser that is site tough? The Lasergrader LS.230E by MOBA meets all of your job site needs, from layout to grade control.


Need grade control? We’ve got you covered!

Need single-slope or dual-slope grades? The sloping feature will allow you to tackle sloped trenches for sewer, or final grade on areas with mild slopes for drainage and land levelling.

Decades of Experience!

MOBA lasers use the latest advancements in high-quality optoelectronics which keep our products working smarter not harder and in-turn give you the best possible product for your dollar. We’ve been part of your industry for decades, and what we’ve learned over that time allows you to do your job in seconds.

Tried the rest now it's time for the best!

Are you fed up with difficult-to-handle devices which are over complicated? All Lasergrader lasers self-level accurately every time at a simple push of a button. The large LCD lets you enter the required grade easily ensuring you never make a mistake again.

Lasergrader Accessories

  • Universal quick release

    Universal quick release

    Spring loaded lever, comes with one of two mounting rings:
    - 5/8“ external thread universal mounting ring
    - SP laser mounting ring

  • Scope


    For accurate aligning of the axis

  • Tilt adaptor

    Tilt adaptor

    Cast metal, for 10% to 50% slope adjustments. Used with laser when grade is steeper than levelling range. Three mounts: 10% to 24%; 24% to 38% & 38% to 50%