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Enhanced safety operations during euqipment usage. From slope sensors to load cells, our products are built for quality and accuracy.

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HMImc Concept

Modular HMI with customized operating units according to your specific needs.

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Mobile Control Panel MCP

Customizable controls for aerial work platforms and mobile cranes.

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Real challenges require real solutions

Work basket overloads

Avoid reaching overload limits, which can happen quickly, if not monitored.

outrigger and machine support precision

Wirelessly measure and level to ensure maximum safety.

Reduce Costs

Build with our proven systems and save on machine down time and development costs. With modular components, easily upgrade, repair, and quickly customize for specific needs.

Make Safety Simple.

Trusted solutions by the biggest OEM names around the world. Engineer approved.



MRW Load Limitation

The patented MRW load cell allows users to avoid load limitation issues by giving exact measurements with high accuracy. No guessing or estimating. When safety is on the line, our solutions for load limitation are the best in class.


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Each MRW weight cell is put through rigorous testing and is able to compensate the temperature effect on the zero point. Like a blackbox in a airplane, it stores statistical data like overload alarms, working hours, and other important data.


Redundant load control up to 1,000 kg with optional additional alarm indicator and acoustic signal. Has a simple "one button" operation.

MRW-500 and MRW-1000 Load cell

Redundant load control up to 500 kg or 1,000 kg integrated directly into the higher-level machine control.

MRW-XL Load cell

Redundant load control up to 1,000 kg, specially designed for large aerial work platforms.


maximum outreach in every position of the machine

MSS Inclination sensors

The temperature-compensated and redundant MSS sensors measure the inclination of the chassis and the booms - measurement values that are used for the load moment limitation system. This is a safety relevant system that prevents the vehicle from tipping over. Such a system enables the maximum outreach in every position of the vehicle without threatening the structural safety. Due to its compact and rugged design, the MSS inclination sensor can be optimally mounted and set up on your vehicle. For safety-relevant applications this technology and process should therefore always be your first choice!


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MSS Type 5 & Type 7 Series

The MSS inclination sensors are available in different types, depending on your requirements. There is the Type 5 series, which have different slope measuring ranges, such as from -180° to +180° inclination. They are available with 1-axis or 2-axis measuring range and integrated redundant safety switches. The MSS inclination sensor type 7 series is additionally temperature compensated, which makes the inclination measurement values even more accurate.




The slope sensor has been specially developed with special focus to the harsh conditions in which it is used: shock-resistant, weatherproof, with special protection against chemicals and absolutely maintenance-free.



The compact design of the tilt sensors and the different CAN interfaces are well suited for quick and easy installation on every mobile machine.


Fitted with 2 independent channels, the redundant slope sensors supply fast and accurate measured values within a range of ± 15° up to ± 180°, depending on the type.


Custom-made operating units for your needs

Modular HMI Concept

The MOBA HMImc (mc = modular concept) provides the unique opportunity to easily and quickly create an individualized operating unit. Simply combine your required components from a range of keypad, display, and joystick modules. Design your individual HMI according to your needs and requirements with flexibility through modularity.


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Once you have selected the modules for your customized HMI, you can freely design them according to your needs. A specially developed ergonometric film protects the keys of your keypad and display module and the base of your joystick module. Customers are able to design the color of all films as well as the shape of the input keys. The unique modular concept makes for an easy extension of the HMI and a quick and cost-efficient replacement of individual parts. When it's time for more or different inputs, you can simply update or upgrade your HMI. This saves you considerable time compared to a replacement of the entire unit.

Triple unit with two joysticks, one keypad module with 16 keys, and emergency stop

Triple unit with two joysticks, one keypad module with six keys, emergency stop, and railing

Triple unit with one display, two joysticks modules, emergency stop, and railing



Modular Control Panel MCP

MOBA's MCP is a true everyday hero among users thanks to its simplistic design. All components can be easily exchanged or replaced at any time. In addition to the hardware, the software has also been designed for long-term use with time-and cost efficient upgrades to increase the longevity of the system and significantly contribute to the reduction of maintenance times. 


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The electrical sub-distribution system integrated in the control panel eliminates the need for a switch cabinet, thus saving on additional weight, space, effort and costs.

MCP mit 2x MPC-130 Controllers

MCP mit 2x MPC-113 Controllers

MCP mit 1x MPC-330 Controller

MCP with 2x Controller modules


Provide safe support during efficient capacity usage


The ultrasonic measurement system measures the extension length of the outriggers, that lie within a measurement range of up to 5 m. Located on the chassis, information is transmitted to the Superordinate Control system. Information on the current span width of each individual outrigger is then made available to the machine. This system enables variable stabilization, ensuring maximum utilization of the work platform, concrete pump or mobile crane.


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Functional concept of the DSM-500 system

The system for precise distance control for supports includes two sensors, a master and a slave. Each of these sensors acts alternately as a transmitter and receiver. This generates two independent measurements. Additional safety measures allow the approval according to DIN EN ISO 13849 PL d. Due to the transmitter-receiver principle, reflections are not covered. Any obstructions have no influence for the result.