How Waste Transfer Stations Are Going Wireless

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With many facilities facing labor shortages and maintenance issues, there’s never been a better time to automate and streamline hauling operations. But how?

Cut the Cables

MOBA's all-new, wireless TS-1000 system leaves the cables out of the picture. Now, trucks, wheel loaders, and other loading equipment can share real-time weight data from the truck to the digital scoreboards. Transfer stations are removing another layer of maintenance with no more plugging in cables and the hassle of forgetting to unplug or clearing out debris and corrosion by drivers.

Maximize Every Load

In the waste industry, time is money. Avoiding over and underloading your fleet is critical to getting the most out of every load. When operations are empowered with real-time weight and truck location data, the savings speak for themselves.

Optimized payloads equate to BIG savings:

  • Trucks use less fuel
  • Maximize truck loads while staying with their legal weight
  • Save time & resources used in overloaded trucks weight adjustments  
  • Reduce fleet wear and tear
  • Haul more trash per day with fewer trips and fewer dedicated trucks
  • Improve planning and management of dedicated trucks & personnel

Reduce Certified Scale Turnover Rates

Each trip to a certified scale can take extra time and fuel to avoid fines and proper weights. With a MOBA system, the need for additional trips to add or adjust truckloads is vastly reduced as haulers and loaders know with better precision vehicle weights and have the best opportunity to get the load right the first time.

Hauling IQ™ Dashboard

In addition to the real-time data for the loader and hauler, the back office can tap into MOBA’s powerful, cloud-based productivity dashboard by accessing important metrics like vehicle weight, cycle times, and so much more.

Ready to Go Wireless?

If you operate a waste transfer station, there’s no better time to discuss how a MOBA TS-1000 system can streamline your transfer station and begin to save your operations time and money with every haul. Click the button below to learn more and submit a contact form today!

TS-1000 Info

Don’t Have Weighing Solutions?

MOBA offers a full suite of on-board truck weighing, wheel loader scales, and our Hauling IQ cloud-based platform. Click below to learn more!

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