Job Story – BIM ready with MOBA’s 3D excavation control Xsite PRO

Tampere, Finland is building a new tram network to meet the needs of the growing city. The big construction project, which is set to be completed in 2021 has become an infra BIM pilot project. State-of-the-art technologies, like the 3D excavation control system Xsite® PRO, play a key role in this unique tram line construction, which is mostly based on building information modeling.

Information Models, Cloud Services and Machine Control

In the tramway project, the implementation models drafted by the designer are taken to the project data bank, where surveyors can review the materials. After review, the materials are transferred to an infraBIM cloud service, which synchronizes the material automatically into the Xsite® PRO 3D machine control system. The three sections of the site had a total of 200 model files and dozens of background maps and auxiliary materials, which needed a concise folder structure in the infraBIM cloud service in the beginning of the project. If there are any changes to the machine control models, the surveyor transfers the updated model to the infraBIM cloud service, from where it is transferred in real time to the Xsite® PRO 3D machine control systems, which eliminates any unnecessary waiting periods.

MOBA Premium Support

Novatron, A MOBA Group company in Finland has been involved in supporting the tramway site from the start. Because this is a pilot project, many things had to be created from scratch, such as surveying instructions and the infraBIM cloud service’s folder structures. In addition, new software has been taken into use. Novatron’s BIM experts and the Xsite® PRO 3D machine control systems have been a great help in these endeavors. 

In the beginning of the project, the Novatron BIM experts organized modeling training for the operators in the work site. As the project progressed, they guided the specifications of the material assigned to the customer at the end phase of the project. 

Xsite® PRO 3D - Ergonomics combined with intelligence

According to Teppo Viinikka, VR Track surveyor at the site, one of the most significant benefits of Xsite® machine control systems is their ease of use: “You have one screen for data processing, it gives you plenty of information at a glance and you are able to do several things at once. The entire chain is under control,” he says. He also salutes the remote support, which offers help quickly. “I used to call support especially in the beginning of the project to make sure I understood how the system works. All of my questions have been answered, and I can feel that the guys there really enjoy their work, help is offered immediately,” Viinikka continues.

When asked what Viinikka feels are the most important advantages of the Xsite® PRO 3D system in terms of the tramway site, he answers without hesitation:” More efficient, more accurate and faster.” Thus, the project would be prolonged without the excavator control: individual terrain and construction models would not be compatible and work progress as well as unforeseen changes of the model, for example by exposing pipes or similar obstacles, could not be documented in real time. Thanks to the excavator control, all these processes are considerably accelerated. "In this way, the current data is constantly exchanged in real time between the architects and the location," says Viinikka, describing the great advantage of the system.

Digital data acquisition as well as transmission is becoming increasingly important on the modern construction site of tomorrow. This job story proves that investing in BIM-enabled technologies is an investment with foresight. Anyone who equips their excavator with a future-proof Xsite® PRO today will always be able to survive tomorrow's networked construction site.

infraBIM Future

More topics and recent case studies with regards to the rise of infra BIMwill be presented at infraBIMopen in Tampere from 6-7 February. The congress gathers experts from around the world to commonly discuss and advance future developments. 

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