MOBA's world novelty PAVE-TM among the top 3 of the bauma Innovation Award 2019

The absolute world novelty in road construction, MOBA PAVE-TM, with revised sensor technology immediately convinced the jury of the bauma Innovation Award 2019. The system for non-contact layer thickness measurement in asphalt paving is now competing in the finals against two other innovations in the category "components, digital systems".

PAVE-TM is the world's only system for automatic layer thickness measurement in road construction. The pioneering system for quality improvement constantly displays the thickness of the paved asphalt layer, thus reducing manual measurements and supporting the paving team. The new CSMT-300 ultrasonic sensor, which was developed in-house and specializes in layer thickness, enables precise work at tolerance limits. This further increases the accuracy of the system. The system reduces the amount of paving material, saves considerable costs and promotes resource-saving asphalt paving at the same time. The new technology pays for itself particularly quickly, increasing the contractor's return on investment after just a few projects and assisting him/her in complying with the statutory paving limits.

The focus of development was on sustainable quality improvement in road construction. Thanks to the precision of the system, particularly uniform, stable material layers of the highest quality can be paved - and the longevity of the road can be increased considerably. This sustainable method of road construction is rounded off by future-oriented modules such as the measurement of screed width, speed and path covered by the paver. Automated measurements also mean less susceptibility to errors, as manual measurements and all the inaccuracies associated with them are simply eliminated.

For the 12th time already, the bauma Innovation Award honors the most important innovations in the industry. It awards new, future-oriented developments with high practical benefits. A jury of experts from renowned institutes, universities and associations evaluates the energy and resource efficiency of each innovation and its contribution to the humanization of the workplace.

With the development and continuous further development of PAVE-TM, MOBA Mobile Automation AG once again demonstrates its absolute foresight in road construction. As a digital hang-on system, it makes an essential contribution to the BIM equipment of modern construction sites and prepares the way for "industry 4.0". All parties benefit equally - whether paving team, contractors, municipalities or the end user of the road. The technology company from Limburg is delighted with the nomination of its bauma innovation system.

world's only system for automatic layer thickness measurement
MOBA GDC-320 display
MOBA ultrasonic sensor CSMT-300

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