Reducing Emissions in the Paving Industry With Automation

The paving industry has set ambitious goals in reducing and eliminating emissions. Here's how automation technology is making it a reality.

Net Zero by 2050

A Major Undertaking

The global discussion on emissions and better environmental practices has been a growing focus in the asphalt paving industry. Major groups, such as the National Asphalt Pavers Association, have outlined aggressive goals for the industry to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To accomplish these goals, paving operations must utilize technology to improve efficiency and ensure machines are entirely optimized to get the job done right the first time. This is where automation will shine in empowering not only paving crews but also those who drive on the roads once paved.

Automation is Here to Help

While technology on paving machines is not new, MOBA has been at the forefront of advancing the leading systems for automated screed control with the MOBA Matic and Sonic Ski system.

Typically, users rely on the in-depth features that give exceptionally accurate results regarding paving for bonus and IRI scores. But when the focus is on reducing emissions, the ability of automation to deliver optimal results with far greater consistency helps to streamline the entire paving operation and enable continuous paving. With machines running as efficiently as possible, there is less wasted time and the fuel used to complete paving while meeting spec.

Smoother Roads help reduce emissions

Smoother results on the job site also equate to better, higher-quality roads that won’t need to be replaced as often, especially when paired with the Pave-IR thermal analysis system. And when roads are smoother, drivers use less gas. A recent study by the FHWA reported that vehicles on smoother roads use 4.5%+ less fuel. And at scale, that goes a long way in curbing emissions.

MOBA is committed to supporting our industry in meeting emissions goals. With top-quality automation technology installed, our customers can achieve a win-win for their operations and the environment.

Learn more about the MOBA-Matic II system and contact our team today!


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