The future of paving is heating up

|   Road Construction

MOBA has seen firsthand how asphalt paving is one of the most enduring industries in the entire construction world. Even when facing uncertainty, including the downturn of 2020, MOBA knows that the roads that connect the country will always be a fundamental part of infrastructure. 

We are continuing to see an optimistic outlook in the industry, specifically with more talks of investment in infrastructure over the next decade. This will mean more jobs, more roads, and more pavers needing to deliver quality results with many projects focusing on reclaiming asphalt pavements (RAP): ripping up old pavement, recycling usable material, and resurfacing roads that already exist but are in desperate need of some TLC.  

This forecast means pavers and construction crews have a window of opportunity to prepare and adopt the right technology to compete for projects and capitalize on incentives (or avoid disincentives) on KPIs such as International Roughness Index (IRI) scores— the current standard which measures road surface profiles to ensure asphalt smoothness and longevity. 

As advances in technology have proliferated in recent decades, such as thermal scanners and leveling automation on pavers, IRI scores are now easier to improve. And easier to verify. That means more project managers will use IRI scores to give out bonuses and penalties to the contractor. With profitability more on the line, IRI scores matter more than ever and automation is the trusted solution for ensured quality in screed control, compaction, grade, and more. 

As contracts are awarded, the decision makers will be looking for more than just adequate paving that will provide short-term solutions. They will want roads that will last for decades, not years. The better the asphalt application, the more lasting the road.  

MOBA understands the vast challenges that paving presents and is continuing to build on our history of partnering with paving manufacturers, contractors, and crews to provide the best leveling, thermal segregation, and automation technology available with the expertise to match. We invite you to learn more about our paving automation solutions and espertise that spans decades. Are you positioned for the future? 

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