Three Reasons Your Wheel Loader Needs an HLC-4000

Investing in getting the maximum productivity from your machine is an easy decision, but how can one system make a significant impact and virtually pay for itself over time?

With the HLC 4000 Wheel Loader Scale system from MOBA, there are three top reasons to consider, among many others.

1. Boost Efficiency: Loaders without the ability to use active tip-off requires the loader operator to do a complete lift multiple times when weighing the last bucket to get the correct weight. The HLC-4000 system offers active tip-off that can be used at the pile or truck during loading. This feature saves fuel and reduces equipment wear and tear and time to provide real-time weight measurements. With the advanced HLC-4000 scale system, you can optimize load capacity, reduce overloading risks, and streamline operations, saving valuable time and resources.

2.Boost Morale & Profits: Improve load management with the help of the HLC-4000 Wheel Loader Scale system from MOBA. Over and underloading trucks can cause havoc in most loadout operations, resulting in excessive truck turnarounds, leading to additional congestion in the loadout. Avoiding these turnarounds in a busy operation will provide a less stressful environment for your loader operators and maintain customer satisfaction.

The HLC-4000 will assist in increasing profits by improving load management, reducing truck turnarounds which can increase the number of loads per day, decreased fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment.

3. Data-driven Decision Making: The HLC-4000 scale system offers real-time diagnostics and comprehensive data collection and reporting capabilities. Accurate weight measurements and load records empower you to make informed decisions. Remote diagnostics and support features from MOBA help reduce downtime when it matters most.

But that’s just the beginning of our wheel loader system's expansive features and benefits. Contact our team today to learn more and get started!

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