Automation is going to add jobs, save money

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There is a unique intersection occurring the U.S. market where a renewed investment infrastructure and a boom in new technology is creating both market opportunity, and an understandable feeling of anxiety. Will new technology be worth the upfront cost? How long can I keep doing things to same old way that’s always worked? If I do invest, will automation eliminate jobs on my team? Can my old school operators handle a change this big?

Our experts at MOBA are optimistic when asked these questions on the field. That’s why we are positioning ourselves to expand our Xsite Easy excavation control system across the country.

Research shows that more quality jobs are created, particularly in the construction industry, when automation and machine control investments are made. With an investment in infrastructure over the next decade, there will be more work, more jobs, and more revenue to pursue. Investing in technology and automation empowers companies to do take on more work, more efficiently, with added profitability.

What’s more important: Operators on dig sites, measuring elevation and doing the math, don’t need to be replaced by a computer. They need better tools with modern technology to become more efficient and precise, so that they can do more work better. Less downtime, and fewer reasons to leave the cab, which enhances safety and profitability.

The ultimate question savvy owners and managers will be asking is this: will new technology make us more efficient? Will this investment make us more accurate? If a control system does free up an operator, where can I use them elsewhere?

When we go out on the field, hesitancy around new technology stems mostly around two major concerns: cost and complication of implementation. But savvy business owners can look forward and see that:

An investment on the frontend will save them time, resources like fuel, create efficiency at scale, and ultimately open them up to more jobs, recouping the financial investment.


It’s not too complicated to learn a new trick if you already have dig site knowledge and experience. In fact, we’ve seen time and time again that old school operators, who have been on dig sites for years or decades, are the ones with a natural knack to pick up control grade systems quicker than anyone else.

Another smart way to look at automation technology is to view the challenge from the opposite point of view. What’s the alternative to investment? Ultimately, it’s more room for error, excessive time for manual calculations, falling behind the curve when it comes to competition, fewer jobs, and a short-term savings for long-term consequences.

MOBA knows that: yes, you can implement new technology and, yes, it will have a positive impact on your business, both from a financial perspective and a people perspective. The most cost-effective solution is often a major investment. We’re excited to see the future of the industry, and we’re ready to help you maximize the performance of your excavators.

You can learn more about our full suite of machine control solutions, or contact our team of experts to ask question on how you can get the most out of your earthmoving and excavation operations by clicking below.


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