45 years of innovation and growth – the (r)evolution of MOBA Mobile Automation AG

Developed during the past 45 years and having started off in a garage, MOBA Mobile Automation AG has become a global player with more than 500 employees worldwide. Since its foundation as engineering office in 1972, the company has firmly established itself in the market as a technology expert and a driver of innovation. Their automation solutions for machines operating in harsh environments continually assume a pioneering role.

A decisive objective: better quality of road construction

The MOBA-matic levelling system revolutionised road construction in the 1990s and has made a lasting impact. It has been proven that roads become particularly even using the patented 4-sensor solution Big Sonic-Ski. The system of temperature measurement during the paving process, PAVE-IR, has received several awards. Systems like the MCA-3000, such as a telematics solution for the optimised fleet management of rollers, have already paved the way for the networked construction site of the future. Another unique product innovation is on the verge of being launched onto the market: the worldwide first system for the non-contact measurement of layer thickness, PAVE-TM. With their developments, MOBA Mobile Automation AG contributes to the improvement of quality, process reliability as well as road construction optimisation.

Pioneer in the waste disposal market

MOBA Mobile Automation AG was a pioneer in the waste disposal market with their first mobile weighing and identification technologies. Its subsidiary located in Dresden that was founded in 1990, has been developing and marketing all their solutions for the waste disposal industry for more than 25 years. In addition, it is involved in global projects for the reduction of municipal waste. In cooperation with the international subsidiaries belonging to MOBA Mobile Automation AG, they are participating in the current project "Waste4Think" initiated by the EU. The usage-based accounting that was made possible by this cooperation ensures transparent and fair billing for waste disposal, thereby protecting the environment by minimising waste. In conjunction with intelligent telematics solutions, these market-oriented solutions significantly promote the internationally aspired future concept of a smart city.

User-friendly entry into the 3D world of excavation

The excavator control systems of the Xsite family, Easy, PRO and PRO Advanced, equip the machine operator and the foreman in an optimal way for every project. Thanks to the fast processor, all measured values are processed in real-time and are immediately displayed on the comfortable 8.4" graphic display. In combination with the modular software, which can be gradually expanded at any time, the excavator control systems are particularly productive. In this way the 2D entry-level system can easily be expanded to the user-friendly 3D system at any time on a step-by-step basis. Thanks to 26 years of experience in the development and production of excavator control systems, the Xsite family is unsurpassed in the market with regard to user-friendliness. Through the reduction of manual surveying by up to 90%, MOBA control systems reduce the presence of building site staff in the danger zones. This significantly contributes towards increasing work safety.

Individual control panel – universal safety

Our modular operating concept HMImc has become indispensable in the world of cranes and platforms. The new concept with a special focus on work safety has evolved from the need of making an individual solution quickly available for the most varied lifting platforms and mobile cranes. Distinguished with the Red Dot Design Award, the modular HMI is not only innovative and unique, but also a sophisticated piece of engineering. Thanks to the variety of modules, from joysticks to displays, all the way to keyboard modules, every customer-specific combination is possible. This concept has been continued consistently. This is how the modular control panel for mobile cranes and lifting platforms, the MCP, was created. Being a true chameleon among operating panels, it adapts to almost any requirement.

A passion for premium quality

45 years of experience, 45 years of further development and 45 years of consistent growth represent the success of MOBA Mobile Automation AG. Market proximity is the specific feature, fostering the creation of future-oriented solutions. The technical and market knowledge gained over the course of 45 years, thereby supplying a machine with decisive added value, is specifically used for the development of technology – in road construction, earth moving, waste disposal or for cranes and lifting platforms. Long-term cooperation with well-versed partners and an international network of experts creates new perspectives for the approach of recent and existing projects. Numerous patents for innovation systems, extremely robust designs or particularly ergonomic components and repeatedly awarded ISO certifications guarantee first class quality. Combined with the expertise and a pioneer spirit emanating from 45 years of company-internal electronic development and production and a worldwide established service structure have made MOBA Mobile Automation AG the indispensable premium supplier in the automation market. We look forward to many more years and especially to the next highlight: our 50-year company anniversary – half a century of MOBA.

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45 Year Anniversary