With over seven million waste and recycling bins equipped with RFID technology, hundreds of waste related projects implemented in Europe and throughout the world, MOBA has held a strong market presence in this industry for many years. As a next logical step, MOBA is expanding its efforts further into other regions and now is establishing a new Business Unit Waste Division in the U.S.

“Our goal is to take this success and bring our expertise in waste industry scales, RFID technology and smart sensors to the U.S”, states Jutta Harms, Vice-President of MOBA Corporation. “Not every market is the same and requirements might vary from country to country, but a common denominator is the world-wide effort to manage waste in an efficient way. MOBA has a proven track-record with a wide selection of products and applications implemented in the field”.  

To take on that challenge, MOBA is excited to welcome Jerry McCurry as the new Business Unit Manager Waste for the U.S. market. Jerry has worked in the waste industry for over 25 years with an extensive knowledge base of applications and of the market. He last held the position of Regional Sales Manager for Vulcan On-Board Scales. Jerry McCurry will be responsible for establishing and managing the new business unit, including market introduction, sales, product development and day-to-day operations. He states, “My decision coming on board with MOBA was heavily based on the fact that MOBA has hardware and software knowledge in-house, a company culture and team members dedicated to the waste industry, and the fact that the company has a strong presence internationally.”

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Jerry McCurry