Quality and long service life are the definitive goals for machine control systems manufacturers. This applies not just to the development of new products, but also to their deployment on site. Especially for complex tasks, such as the construction of asphalted roads, quality and long service life are central issues.

A number of research projects on the topic of asphalt paving have lately determined that the temperature of the paving material plays an important role in the quality of results. That is why MOBA Mobile Automation AG have enhanced their tried and tested MOBA-matic levelling system for asphalt pavers by adding a new sensor so that it can now for the first time measure the material's temperature and display it on the MOBA-matic II control panel while paving work is in progress.

The sensors can be installed at any position required using a magnetic mount, and can then relay the temperature information via a small controller back to the MOBA-matic II control panel. In other words, the sensors measure temperatures in real time, which are then displayed on the MOBA-matic. This eliminates the need to measure temperature manually using a hand-held device. Another benefit is that the user can decide quickly whether to continue to lay the material or to stop paving to prevent damage if the material was found to have cooled down excessively. Thus, temperature fluctuations in the mixture can be detected directly on site and the operator can take counteractive measures to achieve a constant material temperature and thus a better road paving quality.

The temperature sensors can be installed at different positions on the paver. Either in the hopper, in order to monitor temperature on delivery or in the area of the screed. The material temperature is then measured throughout the paving process. This process will work best where agitated material can be measured. Either a single sensor can be used for the two MOBA-matic II control panels, or two separate sensors can be installed, one for each MOBA-matic II.

This new temperature display feature helps the construction engineer achieve optimal quality in the construction of asphalt mat and to thus increase the longevity of roads. The new temperature sensor allows you to achieve the goal of monitoring during the whole paving process. This monitoring will begin at the mixing plant and continues in the asphalt hopper. During paving, a PAVE-IR scan system can be added for quality control, thus contributing to a long-term improvement in quality of the road being paved. This system obtains and documents the asphalt temperature during the whole paving process and route which will ultimately extend the service life of the road and reduce costly repairs.

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