World novelty PAVE-TM revolutionises road construction – the patented layer thickness measurement system by MOBA

PAVE-TM, the worldwide first system for the automatic measurement of layer thickness in the field of road construction, celebrates its première today. The pioneer system of MOBA Mobile Automation AG detects the paving thickness of any road layer and is thereby the first and only system for the non-contact measurement of layer thickness during asphalt paving.

Layer thickness is a decisive quality feature of asphalt paving. PAVE-TM thereby significantly contributes to the improvement of quality in road construction, and at the same time, it increases process safety. Besides the elimination of manual measuring errors, it establishes new saving potential.

In conjunction with four proven high-precision ultra-sound sensors, Sonic-Ski PLUS, the high-end controller, MPC-120, calculates layer thickness in real-time. After one initial adjustment, the system continuously displays the paving’s current thickness – be it surface course, base course or binder course. The brilliant GDC-320 displays assist the paving team with the continuous display of current values.

Thanks to close cooperation with Dynapac, the machine manufacturer’s paver models are already capable of displaying the current layer thickness directly on the outer control panels so that the optional display GDC-320 can be omitted, if required. All pavers of the SD series are therefore PAVE-TM ready right from the factory. Of course the system is also available as an add-on. Therefore pavers of any age and type can be modernised and upgraded to the latest state of technology.

With the development of PAVE-TM, MOBA Mobile Automation AG again assumes a pioneering role in road construction. Proven systems like MOBA-matic and Big Sonic-Ski are among internationally best-known and optimal solutions for asphalt paving and significantly contribute to the improvement of quality. The world novelty for non-contact measurement of layer thickness is thereby another innovation that expands the intelligent paving system series of MOBA. More than 40 years of experience in road construction and the continuous pursuit of innovation contribute to the evolution of MOBA technologies on a daily basis.

More information on the system can be found in our expert network of the company, the MOBA Community.

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GDC-320 graphic display
PAVE-TM layer thickness measurement

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