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From simple to complex, Get the most from your excavator


High-precision leveling operations are very important for modern construction site requirements and machine operators. Delivering a consistently smooth surface is crucial for the quality of the entire project. For this reason, construction sites and their processes are becoming more and more complex. In addition, construction projects, such as excavating a trench, or complete earthworks and civil engineering projects, must be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. That's where we come in.


The operator can only visually estimate the excavation and depth. Additional control measurements are required after each working step.

Machine Wear

Additional rework results in more operating hours for your machine. This increases wear and you will need a new machine earlier.

Operating Costs

Inefficient, uncontrolled leveling produces more passes, extended working hours and more CO2 and fuel consumption.

The right solution for every project

MOBA Systemapplikationen für effektiven Erdbau

With our 2D and 3D levelling systems for earthmoving machines such as graders, dozers, scrapers, dozer blades, machine controls for excavators, mobile scales for wheel loaders and compaction systems for soil compactors, we offer solutions for the entire spectrum of mobile machines used in earthmoving.

These solutions can speed up the construction progress of the earthworks, the works are carried out many times more precisely than without machine control and, depending on the system, the results are documented and can be integrated directly into the further process workflow and planning.



Precise leveling for perfect fine grading

Whether for dozer, grader, kilver or levelling blade, the 2D levelling system gives your machine a technology upgrade to eclipse all others. The system for height and inclination control regulates the coulter of your machine fully automatically so that the laid material is distributed evenly at all times. This is how the end result convinces with perfect flatness.

System Advantages

  • High-quality planum
  • Time saving thanks to fully automatic coulter adjustment
  • Precise leveling along curves
  • Compatibility with any machine and any application
  • Time- and cost-efficient upgrade from 2D to 3D possible

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MOBA systems for effective 2D grade and slope control


High-precision scraping work in earthmoving


Best positioned for the future

Prepare now for the future - any construction contractor can do that with a 3D machine control from MOBA. With the increasing attention in the industry in recent years, Building Information Modeling (BIM) will soon become the standard for increasing productivity in construction. This model-based, digital method of planning and implementation convinces with its particularly fast, optimized data synchronization and seamless cooperation of different partners and shortest project times.

System Advantages

  • Greater profitability owing to efficient and more accurate work
  • Optimised material consumption
  • Faster project handling thanks to control and regulation directly from the cabin
  • More safety on the construction site thanks to the elimination of manual control measurements
  • Time- and cost-efficient upgrade from 2D to 3D possible

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MOBA systems for precise 3D grade control

X-site PRO 3D Dozer

Optimal Planum Results


High-end excavator control for large earthworks

With the X-site excavator controls, machine operators and foremen are optimally equipped for every project. Thanks to the fast processor, all measured values are processed in real time and immediately displayed on the user-friendly 8.4" graphic display with touch screen. In combination with a modular software, which can be extended cost-efficiently step by step at any time, the excavator controls are particularly productive. By reducing manual surveying work by up to 90%, MOBA dredging controls minimize the number of site personnel in danger areas. As a result, they make a significant contribution to increasing work safety.

System Advantages

  • Easy and quick installation of the system for a minimum of downtime
  • Simple commissioning and calibration
  • Intuitive, clear presentation of information on our full colour 8.4” display and control unit with touch function, readable even in bright sunlight
  • Clear, continuous control of the work progress from the driver’s cabin
  • Cloud service for information and file transfer
  • Compatible with third-party software like BIM Cloud

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MOBA systems for effective machine control

X-site EASY

Ideal implementation of simple earthmoving

X-site PRO 2D

Efficient 2D excavator control for better dredging results

Wheel loader scale

Loading the correct weight accurately

The benefits of the MOBA HLC wheel loader scale go far beyond fast and accurate weighing during loading. The latest version integrates data transmission via WiFi or GPRS into the proven MAWIS U2 software, which is well-known in the waste disposal sector. Thanks to the high storage capacity for intermediate data storage, the customer has the choice of retrieving the data on a monthly basis - even via a smartphone hotspot.

System Advantages

  • MOBA Wheel – rotary knob for easy operation
  • Operation possible with gloves
  • Precise calculation of weighing range provides error-free operation
  • Dynamic load measurement for faster results
  • Almost unbreakable slope sensors

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Optimal compaction of soil layers

The MOBA compaction assistance system for rollers provides the ideal basis for construction projects. Whether as a starter system MCA-500 or as a connected, fleet-capable MCA-3000 on a large construction site, MOBA's systems for rollers are an absolute must for high-quality compaction. Specialized in the productive cooperation of an entire roller fleet, the system displays the current work progress to each operator. This allows each team member to adapt his or her rolling strategy for quality assurance. In addition to the fleet management function, all compaction data is automatically transferred to the MOBA Cloud Server, where it is available for further analysis, reporting and optimization evaluations at any time.

System Advantages

  • High-quality compaction results
  • Uncomplicatedly and time-effectively installation and operation
  • Convenient, user-friendly operation
  • More flexibility through compatibility with all compactors
  • Increased productivity / efficiency of your roller
  • Less wear and operating costs through working time and fuel savings
  • Shorter construction times thanks to user-friendly fleet management
  • Documented quality by recorded data
  • Digital data availability without site visit

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MOBA systems for effective soil compaction


Simple soil compaction system

MOBA Cloud

Proactive service and support

Thanks to highly scaleable MOBA Cloud, the networking of the construction site will become standard in the future. With the real-time acquisition and transmission of measured values to the high-performance servers of the high-tech company, all data is ready for further analysis. This gives the foreman access to the information on each individual project at any time and from anywhere. In addition to significant time savings, the construction site also benefits from comprehensive knowledge of the optimization potential. With the MOBA Cloud, you can continuously develop your product and service concepts further and thus equip yourself competitively for the future. In close cooperation with us as your cloud partner, we offer your customers decisive added value.


  • Real-time data transfer
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Data analysis across systems
  • Manufacturer-independent data exchange
  • Protected server environment

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MOBA Cloud Gateway Connectors


MOBA Cloud Gateway WIFI - WLAN


MOBA Cloud Gateway CG-1 - mobile GPRS


On-Board Computer incl. SIM, GPS, Bluetooth

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MOBA SYSTEMS to improve your Earthwork projects

2D/3D Excavator control

You are always well equipped with the Xsite EASY or Xsite PRO system for all requirements of a construction sites. Whether simple work or complex construction projects, MOBA excavator controls ensure a precise and cost-efficient result through the perfect interaction of all components.

Thanks to the modular structure of the 3D software, Xsite PRO is also upgradeable at any time. Keep flexible for every construction project with the trouble-free and maintenance-free installation of additional functionalities and compatibility with all base stations.

MOBA system solutions for your excavator


Basic Excavator Control


2D Excavator Control


3D Excavator Control

MOBA 2D/3D machine control for dozers

The robust and efficient GS-506 2D leveling system controls the blade of your bulldozer fully automatically to ensure even and smooth material spreading. In that way, you get an accurate surface flatness of your construction site.

The MOBA 3D-matic is the perfect 3D add-on leveling system for your dozer, which provides a user-friendly way to create complex 3D models.

The Xsite PRO 3D control system increases the productivity and reduces your surveying, material and fuel costs using a dozer. The 3D guidance control system helps you to set the layers of superstructure at the right level in one work process.

MOBA system solutions for your dozer


2D machine control system


3D machine control system


3D machine control system

MOBA 2D/3D Machine control system for graders

The robust and productive GS-506 2D grade and slope control system automatically adjusts the shield of your motor grader. This ensures an optimum surface flatness of your job site.

The MOBA 3D-matic is the optimal 3D add-on grade and slope control system for your motor grader, allowing you to create complex 3D models in a user-friendly and easy handling process.

MOBA system solutions for your motor grader


2D machine control system


3D machine control system

MOBA 2D laser land leveling and 3D grade control

With the MOBA Laser-matic you can grade at the maximum surface quality and get an excellent surface smoothness. Save additional rework and reduce operating time, expensive fuel and machine use.

The MOBA 3D-matic is the perfect 3D add-on grade and slope control system for your grader blade or scraper, which allows you to create complex 3D models in a user-friendly and easy handling mode.

MOBA system solutions for your tow grader or scraper


2D laser land leveling control


3D grade and slope control system

MOBA system for best soil compaction

Upgrade your compactor with our MCA system and get the best compaction of the soil at your work sites. Thanks to intelligent passings, frequency and amplitude measurement, you get perfect soil compaction - cost-efficient and on target.

MOBA systems for your soil compactor


Perfect soil compaction

MOBA Wheel loader scale for accurate load measurement

Every loading project can be realized in shortest time with the HLC-1000 and HLC-2000 systems. Measure the exact load weight fast and accurately during the loading process - without any additional work or expense. The fact that there is no need for a stationary scale saves you time and optimises your work processes.

MOBA On-board scale for your wheel loader truck


On-board scales for wheel loader truck


The machine operator is ideally supported by the MOBA control system, in daylight or in darkness. All important information is clearly displayed to him in real-time on his operating unit. This allows fast and extremely accurate work, without having to constantly perform manual re-measurement.

Increased productivity combined with lower material and transport costs at the same time are a major advantage for construction contractors. In this way, the efficiency of the machine is increased and simultaneously the time for completion of a construction site is reduced to a minimum. The efficiency of machine deployment can be increased significantly – our service team calculates this for your individual construction projects as well.

Construction machine dealers and renters with MOBA components installed on their machines have a significant advantage over their competition: Excavators with MOBA excavator control systems have significant added value. This does not only apply to construction machine dealers and renters, but also for system integrators! Upgrading a machine with MOBA components is done absolutely non-destructive, i.e. they can be dismantled without leaving a trace. In addition MOBA offers comprehensive service and support.

The construction manager / foreman also benefits from MOBA excavator control systems. In the broader sense they allow a smooth and efficient workflow on the construction site and you can plan your staff better. In addition, increased safety is ensured on the construction site. Performed work can easily be documented by the system and thereby provides informative proof of the progress on the construction site.

MOBA Services


custom-made according to your requirements

In addition to add-on systems that can be installed on a wide variety of machine types, we also work closely with you to develop individual solutions that can be integrated directly into your machine and are specially designed to match with your requirements. The development is carried out by our specialists in cooperation with you. By working closely with you, we can develop and manufacture a system that is perfectly adapted for your requirements.


Fast and easy for you

We offer you premium products that have been specially developed and manufactured for use under extreme conditions, as well as first-class service and support. For us, this is also part of our know-how and expert knowledge and of the optimal support of our partners. Our service technicians and application engineers are always at your side with advice and assistance and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have - if necessary, also on the construction site.


Would you like to know more about how and where our systems and products are already being used successfully? In the online expert blog "MOBA Community", you will find interesting postings, event notices and exciting discussions, as well as numerous blog posts on various topics. As an interactive, international platform for the exchange of industry news, the MOBA Community is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of the construction industry. We would be happy if you could contribute your own KNOW-HOW and perspective to interesting dialogues. MOBA COMMUNITY - INSPIRING MOBILE AUTOMATION.

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